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“The experience of the Region of East Macedonia - Thrace in the exploitation of historical heritage and the development of an alternative form of tourism”

Final Project Meeting, 16th of May 2008
Region Calabria

WP 3: Sea and Land Itineraries of the Magna Grecia and Byzantines (1/2)

Actions 3.1 and 3.2

  • Design & Promotion of an informative leaflet about DI.MA., including general information of the program DIMA and elements about partners, the general frame of the program, WPs, actions and results.

  • Design and Production of a promotional CD-Rom with the most important activities, results and outcomes of the project that were carried out by each partner – a complete informative booklet including photos and multimedia material

WP 3: Sea and Land Itineraries of the Magna Grecia and Byzantines (1/2)

Actions 3.5 and 3.6

Mapping of Archaeological sites on land, which includes a general recording of elements concerning locations and manufactures of Byzantine interest. Afterwards, these elements, enriched with elements of topography in order to be digitized and imported in a data base. Finally, with the use of satellite pictures, some monuments will be placed in digital maps.

Publication of a booklet about “Archaeological & Byzantines itineraries at the Region of East Macedonia & Thrace”. This action concerns most important itineraries of Region East Macedonia - Thrace, per district, concerning the ancient Greek and Byzantine monuments. At the moment the booklet is being printed out.